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Marijuana clones featuring exclusive genetics from Cookies, Seed Junky, Cannarado, Compound Genetics and more!

If you’re looking for premium genetics that produce fantastic yields, take a look at our strains below and place your order, or reach out about a bulk clone order.

-Exclusive Strains You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

-Premium Breeder Cuts & Expertly Pheno Hunted Genetics

-High THC Strains

-Priority Express Shipping To All 48 States! (No HI or AK)

-Thousands Of Happy Customers

-100% Pest & PM Free Guaranteed

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Premium Genetics

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Best Selling Marijuana Clones Online

Our team of growers are experts in their field, with experience breeding premium genetics in California for decades. We’re happy to provide marijuana clones to both home growers and commercial farmers across the USA. Our top shelf genetics are guaranteed to arrive healthy, happy and ready to transplant.

Our Current Marijuana Clone Strains

Take a look at our most popular marijuana clones below and order today (we have more on the order page here). Be sure to carefully read the order instructions on the product pages. We can’t wait to help you grow your own highly potent buds this year! 

violet fog #6 clones

Violet Fog #6 – Compound Cut

33% THC

black truffle clone

Black Truffle Clones – 3rd Coast Cut

32% THC

sherbert haze clone

Sherbert Haze

28% THC

apples and bananas clone

Apples & Bananas – Compound Cut

32% THC

dante's inferno 8 clone

Dante’s Inferno #8 – Mile High Cut

28% THC

gg4 clones

Gorilla Glue #4 Clones

30% THC

cadillac rainbow clones

Cadillac Rainbows – Mitten Master Cut

32% THC

cap junky clones

Cap Junky Clones – Capulator Cut

33% THC

carbon fiber clone

Carbon Fiber

25% THC

jokerz candy clones

Jokerz Candy

30% THC

applescotti clone


30% THC

gelato 41 clone

Gelato #41 Clones – Sherbinsky Cut

27% THC

Exotic Clones Collection

Our Exotic Collection is packed with some of the most hard to find cuts on earth. To get an updated inventory, reach out via live chat or email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you asap. Please leave your email address in live chat if we’re unavailable.

gary payton clones michigan

Gary Payton Clones

25% THC


cannabis clones fishscale

Fishcale by Cookies

26% THC


rainbow belts clone

Rainbow Belts Clones

24% THC


hood candies michigan

Hood Candy Clones

27% THC


lemon cherry gelato clones

Lemon Cherry Gelato Clones

29% THC


gushers marijuana clones

Gushers Clones

22% THC


jealousy teens

Jealousy Clones

20% THC


It’s It Clones

24% THC


Cannabis Clone Request Form

Due to a surge in demand our exotics inventory is changing rapidly. To get an email with our updated exotic clone and teen availability and ordering instructions please fill out the form below. We’re can’t wait to help you with your grow! This form is only for exotics orders. If you want to purchase from our standard line, you can scroll up and choose from the non exotics list. For bulk orders, scroll down to the next form.

What Makes Our Cannabis Clones & Teens Special?

Each of our strains has been cultivated by expert breeders with an excellent track record of success with their genetics. 

In some cases we pay upwards of $10,000 per cut to acquire the best phenotypes possible. We’re not simply popping seed packs like some of our competitors.

From great yields to maximum THC content, our marijuana clones will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

We treat our mother plants the way clone moms should be treated at our completely sterile, cutting edge facility to ensure only the best cuts for our customers.

We cut over 20,000 clones per month and it’s all we do, so you can be sure you’re getting the healthiest genetics possible online.

Great Customer Service

We are here to help you make the best decision for your grow!

Popular Strains

Some of the hottest strains available like Gelato, Gorilla Glue & more!

Meli holding cannabis clones

Fast Delivery

Our cannabis clones ship priority or overnight anywhere in the USA for peak quality on arrival.

Only Healthy Plants

We will only ship healthy, sulfur-treated clones. Break free and pest free, guaranteed!

Marijuana Clones Bred To Perfection

Our expert breeders are hyper focused on only producing premium quality clones for our customers. Whether you order 1,000 or 10, you can expect the same attention to detail and quality.

We constantly seek out trending strains and grow them out through harvest to make sure we don’t ship anything that will not produce to our standard.

Are mother plants are watched over carefully in completely sterile rooms, free from pests and bugs. We adhere to our IPM protocol religiously to ensure you never have to worry about pests with us.

You can feel confident ordering your clones with us, we’ve been doing this for decades and our mission is to bring the power back to you, the growers. 

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“The clones I ordered arrived fast and healthy. Glad I found someone not worried about giving up their genetics for once. Thank you.”

~ Ryan D. (Glendale, AZ)

Who Are Our Cannabis Clones & Seeds Perfect For?

As you already know, sometimes it can be difficult to obtain premium genetics in your area. 

Other cultivators are likely to hold on to their top performing strains, or it’s simply too hard to find other clone suppliers in your state.

We have an extensive list of clone options that will turn out high performing plants crop after crop!

We provide our premium genetics to both large scale cannabis cultivators and backyard growers working on their first crop.

marijuana plants growing
clones vs seeds jessie

Cannabis Clones vs Seeds

There are a number of reasons it’s better to buy cannabis clones instead of cannabis seeds. Here are a few of them:

Time: Germinating seeds take a lot of time and the results can be hit or miss. Imagine waiting weeks for a seed to germinate, just to die on you. You’ve wasted a ton of time for subpar results. Buying clones allows you to shave an entire month off your grow by giving you healthy, well rooted and transplant-ready clones that are at least 6 inches tall.

Consistency: You could buy a 10 pack of seeds and get a number of different phenotypes and results from the plants. By going with clones you can be certain you’ll have the same results with each plant because they’re each genetic replicas of the mother plant. You’ll have a uniform grow of the best phenotype of each strain we carry, every time!

Always Female: You’ll never have to sex your plants and throw out accidental males that you’ve spent weeks nurturing. This means no last minute gaps in your grow or contamination, which can blow a whole grow and lose you months of time and work. All of our cannabis clones are cut from healthy mother plants, giving you peace of mind and less stress.

Bulk Marijuana Clone Request Form

If you’re looking to order more than 25 cannabis clones, please submit the form below and one of our representatives will reach out shortly to discuss options. We have a strict 25 clone minimum per strain for bulk orders.

Marijuana Clones FAQ

For many of our customers, ordering and growing clones is an entirely new experience. We get a lot of questions, so we've made a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers about our cannabis clones.

Do You Deliver Anywhere In The US?

Yes! As of April 2022, the DEA has divulged that plant material such as clones or seeds that do not have over 0.03% THC are covered under the farm bill and considered hemp.

We can now ship to all 50 states, and if you’re ordering clones in a state where we have a nursery, we may be able to deliver if the order is large enough.

Get started with your marijuana clones order today and start growing your own weed clones to save money and enjoy a deeply satisfying growing experience.

Will You Sell Clones To Unlicensed Growers?

Yes, all of our marijuana clones ship with a THC percentage lower than 0.3%. We can also deliver clones to licensed growers across the United States.

If you’re looking to place a bulk order, please use our form above and we’ll reach back out asap!

What Is Your Minimum Order?

We’ve now introduced 3 packs to our site, allowing customers to get less than our previous minimum of 6. However, you cannot mix and match between strains in the 3 packs. If you order a 3 pack it will be 3 of the same strain.

The maximum we allow to be purchased directly through the site is 49 clones. If you would like to order 50 or more, please reach out to us directly to discuss options.

We hope to bring our minimum down soon, but it’s likely not going to happen for another few months.

What Is The Bulk Cannabis Clone Order Turnaround Time?

Once you place your order with us we get right to work cutting. It typically takes 10-14 days, but for much larger orders and orders placed right before growing season is in full swing, it may take longer to produce and deliver your order.

Please be patient, but most importantly be proactive. The earlier you place your order the better the chance you get your bulk clone order fast!

However, on lower order quantities (6-49 clones) our turnaround time is pretty fast. We typically process the order within a day and ship your clones out overnight the following day with overnight shipping.

Find us on the web here, or on Leafly.

If your order is placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will prep orders on Monday and ship them out on Tuesday.

Our seeds will typically take a day to process and ship out with standard shipping the following day.

Do You Sell Bulk Marijuana Seeds?

Yes! Our network of partners tend to keep large stocks of seed if you are interested in germinating these genetics yourself. We have a full menu in each state to choose from, and they will be listed on our individual state pages.

We can typically turn around bulk cannabis seed orders a little quicker so you can get to popping your seeds fast!

Check out our new clones near me to see which states we work with.

What Are Marijuana Clones?

Marijuana clones are baby marijuana plants that are genetic replicas of the mother plants they are cut from. Cannabis clones tend to give home and commercial growers more consistency in their grows than seeds.

Cannabis clones are typically around 6″-9″ plants that are ready to be transplanted in the medium of your choice. Clone suppliers like us do all the work of hunting through seed packs or getting exclusive “breeder cuts” directly from the original breeder of the strain. 

This process of phenohunting ensures our growers that we’ve done months of testing to find the best phenotype of every strain we offer. Instead of popping seeds and getting numerous different phenotypes and outcomes, every clone from our mother plants will be genetically identical, with no variation in outcomes.

Not only do marijuana clones provide better consistency than seeds, but growers can shave an entire month off of the process by ordering fully rooted, ready to transplant clones in their grow.

Can You Supply My Dispensary?

Yes! We have been supplying bulk clones and seeds to our dispensary partners to retail for a long time. We can provide orders smaller than 500 to licensed dispensaries, we just have to charge more than our standard bulk clone rates.

We can also handle orders for delivery services depending on your state.

Where Can I Get Personal Clones Or Seeds For My Home Grow?

Here! We recently opened up our clone program to home growers across the US, so now even backyard growers can get their hands on our list of genetics. If you’re ready to show off your new Wedding Cake, Mimosa or Papaya Punch weed you grew yourself to your friends, start your order today!

Should I Buy Marijuana Clones, Teens or Seeds?

Some people do like the process of growing from seed, however most get frustrated with the poor germination results, lack of consistency and effort involved in getting the seedlings to survive long enough to transplant.

If you want consistency and the best phenotypes of your preferred genetics you should buy clones. Clones are easy to use and much more difficult to mess up than seeds.

If you want to shave even more time off of your grow and start flowering within a month of receiving your plants, we recommend ordering our marijuana teens, which on average are around 12″-16″ tall! Featuring the world famous Lemon Cherry Gelato strain!

Our teens have well developed root systems and you’ll only need to keep them in the vegetative stage for 3-4 weeks before flipping them into flower.

For large scale commercial growers we do have tissue culture clones available if you’re interested.