Cannabis Clones Michigan

Our Michigan cannabis clones and teens list features some of the hottest strains on the market, shipped discreetly to your door. All shipments are guaranteed pest free, PM free and break free. All clones are hardened off and ready to transplant!

Serving ALL of Michigan including: Grand Rapids, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Warren City, Sterling HEights, Lansing, Dearborn, Livonia, Macomb and more!

Best Selling Michigan Marijuana Clones

With over 30 cannabis strains to choose from, our clones and teens are perfect for your next grow. Our clones range from $30-$50 each and exotic teens range from $50-$80. Here are some of our most popular genetics.

apple fritter cannabis clone

Apple Fritter

(Animal Cookies x Sour Apple)

$30 Each

mac1 clones mi


(Colombian x Starfighter x Alien Cookies)

$50 Each

exaltation strain in flower

Exaltation #9

(Breathwork #1 x Grape Stomper OG)

$50 Each

Divine Storm

(Slurricane #7 x Divine Gelato #3)

$50 Each


(Secret Weapon x Cookies & Cream)

$50 Each


(Sherbet x Gelato #41)

$50 Each

Kush Mints

(Bubba Kush x Animal Mints)

$50 Each

Truffle Cake

(Pancakes x White Truffles)

$40 Each

Various Ways To Order

marijuana clones MI customer jen

You can buy cannabis clones (6″-9″) in 3 packs or 6+, order 12″+ cannabis teens, and bulk clone or teen orders as well!

fully rooted healthy clones

Vigorous Cannabis Teens & Clones Shipped Right To Your Door!

All of our strains have been flower tested and handpicked by our experienced cultivation team ensuring only AAA genetics are offered to the public.

Stop wasting your time germinating seeds and pheno hunting 10 packs, when you can get fire phenos every time. 

AAA clones and teens are hard to find in Michigan, and our team has done all the heavy lifting for you. Order from us an you’ll get to enjoy run after run of killer genetics.

We’ve sourced genetics from some of the best breeders in the US and made them available to home growers across the state!

Marijuana Clones vs Teens vs Seeds

We’ve all been there…Spending a month popping beans just to get a mishmash of phenos after a long drawn out run, just to end up with one or two winners.

Shave off months of work and finish with AAA packs each and every time by ordering well rooted, vigorous clones or teens that are hardened off and ready to transplant today!

Thousands of MI growers are making the switch from troublesome seeds to vibrant clones and teens and getting more runs per year.

Our clones will be delivered at a height between 6″-9″ and our MI cannabis teens are sent between 12″-16″ tall, fully hardened off and ready to transplant in the medium of your choice!

clones vs seeds
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The #1 Rated Clone Supplier On Leafly!

With more than 100 5 star reviews on Leafly, we’re proudly the highest rated provider in the United States!

“Dope clones, good people. Found my go-to clone supplier”

“Didn’t know what to expect since it seemed weird that clones can handle shipping, but two days later my apple fritter clones arrived happy and well rooted.”

“I have no complaints, stoked on how they’re turning out. Currently in the 5th week of flower and booming.”

“Got another 8 pack, thank you!!”

Michigan Cannabis Clones FAQ

We get a lot of questions about the clone ordering process for our Michigan customers so here are some answers to them.

Can I Pickup My Clones or Teens?

Unfortunately we’re not allowing pickups at our facilities any longer. We are a shipping-only clone supplier.

We assure you that the plants make the trip and arrive healthy and happy. We’ve shipped thousands of boxes across the US with very few issues, so rest assured you’ll receive beautiful plants.

What Michigan Areas Do You Ship To?

We have Michigan clones customers all over the area and can ship to all surrounding cities including: Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren City, Lansing, Dearborn, Macomb, Livonia, Troy City, Sterling Heights and EVERYWHERE else in the state. No long drives need, just sit back, relax and wait for your delivery!

Is There A Minimum?

We do, our teen plant (12″+) minimum is 4 plants. Our minimum for clones is 3 plants, and you can pick a single strain. If you want to mix and match between strains, you must order 6 or more clones here.

Our bulk pricing starts at 25 clones, so if you want to order more than 25 plants, please fill out our bulk order request form below this FAQ section.

Are They Guaranteed?

100%! We guarantee all the marijuana clones and teens you receive will be powdery mildew free, pest free, healthy and ready to transplant int othe medium of your choice.

Things can happen in shipping if you get an aggressive package handler or a delay with a carrier happens. we’re happy to send replacements for all non viable plants.

We simply require that you snap photos and email them to us within 8 hours of delivery if there are any dead plants, which is rare. Once we get your photos we will add replacements to be sent out asap.

We stand by our guarantee 100% so you can have peace of mind while ordering from us.

How Many Plants Can I Grow In In Michigan?

In Michigan adults over the age of 21 can grow up to 12 cannabis plants at their residence. If you register with the state as a medical cannabis caregiver, you’re allowed up to 72 plants.

That covers your 12 plants and a 12 plant max per patient, with a maximum of 5 patients.

A few more things to note about the cannabis cultivation laws in MI:

The plants must not be visible from a public space without using binoculars, optical aids, etc (so don’t grow them in your front yard!)

If you’re growing your marijuana plants outdoors, it must be done in an enclosed area that is restricted by locks or other security devices.

MI Bulk Clone Request

If you need more than 25 cannabis clones in the state of Michigan, submit the form below and we will email you an updated inventory to choose from.

Interesting Places In Michigan

Michigan is a beautiful state, filled with great things to do and sights to see, beyond just growing cannabis plants. Here are a few of our favorites:

Frederik Meijer Gardens

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Detroit Zoo

Tahquamenon Falls State Park