Marijuana Clones New Jersey

Our New Jersey cannabis clones and XL plants list showcases some of the most in demand genetics in the United States. Shipped direct to your door, our clones and teens are guaranteed to arrive healthy, pest free and powdery mildew free. Simply order, receive and transplant your new strains!

Our Most Popular New Jersey Cannabis Clones

We carry 25+ AAA grade strains acquired from some of the best breeders in the world. Our mission is to give home growers across NJ access to some of the best strains in the US. Here are some of the most popular strains in the New Jersey area.

jealousy strain jersey city

Jealousy – J Beezy Cut

(Gelato 41 x Sherbet)

50/50 Hybrid


(Clementine x Purple Punch)

70% Sativa

Gas Breath

(OG Kush Breath x Mendo Breath)

60% Indica

blue unicorn poop clones paterson

Blue Unicorn Poop

(Unicorn Poop x Blue Sherbet)

60% Indica

Apple Jax -In House Cut

(Apple Fritter x Pancakes)

70% Indica

Kush Mints – J Beezy Cut

(Bubba Kush x Animal Mints)

50/50 Hybrid

bittersweet clones jersey city


(OZ Kush x Sour Tangie)

70% Sativa

mac1 clones woodbridge township

MAC1 – Capulator Cut

(White Truffles x Pancakes)

50/50 Hybrid

3 Packs, 6 Packs and Teens Now Available In NJ

Our minimum order for our NJ clones is a 3 pack, but you save more and get to mix and match between strains by ordering from our 6+ pack page. We also offer 12″+ tall teen plants with a 4 plant minimum. Start shopping by tapping one of the buttons below!

marijuana clones nj

Healthy Clones & Teens Shipped Direct To Your Home!

Our library of top shelf genetics have been handpicked by our cultivation experts to ensure you get fantastic phenotypes of some of the most popular strains on the market.

You no longer have to stress out trying to pop seeds and hope you get a few winner 4 months later. We cut all that time effort and headache out of your grow process.

This helps you focus on the best parts of the growing process without the hassles associated with seeds. Our team has done all the work for you by filling our inventory with breeder cuts from the top names in the industry.

We have thousands of happy customers across the US that keep coming back!

Why Clones & Teens Instead of Seeds?

Whether you have 1 or 20 grows under your belt, you’re fully aware of the problems associated with growing from seed.

Time: Germination is a waiting and hoping game, and even if you get a solid germination rate, it’s difficult to successfully get that little seedling up to a healthy 6″. Why waste a whole month popping seeds when you can fast forward by ordering 6-9″ clones that are ready to transplant?

Consistency: With seeds you never know what’s coming out of your pack. You may get lucky and find 2-3 winners out of a 10 pack run, but you’ll likely get a number of phenotypes that you don’t like. Our clones offer genetic replicas of winning phenotypes, so you’ll finish with premium, consistent buds every grow!

Always Female: There are few things worse than getting a male or two in your seed pack and not realizing until it’s too late. Our clones and teens are genetic replicas of our FEMALE mother plants so you’ll never have to worry about potential males with us.

If you’re ready to shave 1-2 months off your grow cycle, order our New Jersey clones today to get started.

nj clones vs seeds
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The Best Clone Provider On Leafly!

With 120+ 5 star reviews on Leafly, we’re incredibly proud to be the best clone company on the platform!

“..Clones came in a timely manner and they are beautiful. The benefit of having established plants makes growing so much easier. Thank you for the beauties!”

“Friendly staff, pretty plants with bright white roots. everything was easy and smooth.”

“Arrived in perfect condition!”

“absolutely the only place i will purchase clones from. Healthy as can be, and genetic are top notch. highly recommend!”

New Jersey Cannabis Clones FAQ

This is a pretty new concept so it’s understandable you may have a lot of questions about clones in New Jersey. Here are a few of our most asked questions, and our answers.

Do You Offer Pickups?

Unfortunately we’re a shipping only operation. We quickly found the brick and mortar model to be too costly at this point. Being a shipping only provider allows us to better stay in line with our strict quality control standards.

It also makes it easier for our customers since they don’t have to travel hours just to pick up their plants. Each shipped box of clones or teens comes fully guaranteed, with no hassle replacements if any of them arrive damaged.

With over 3,000 successful shipments under our belt, we’ve got the process dialed in so you get great clones on your doorstep all year long in NJ.

What Cities in New Jersey Do You Ship To?

ALL of them! We have hundreds of customers in NJ that keep coming back, from the rural townships to major cities like Newark, you can rest assured you’ll get excellent cannabis clones. Here are a few cities in New Jersey where we have dozens of happy customers:

Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Woodbridge, Toms River, Clifton, Trenton, Cherry Hill, Passaic, Old Bridge, Bayonne, East Orange, North Bergen, Vineland and more!

Is There A Minimum Order?

Yes, we do have a minimum order. Having a minimum allows us to offer genetics sold by others at over $500 per clone for reasonable prices between $30-$50 per clone. Our minimums are as follows:

Clones: Minimum of 3 clones, bought as a 3 pack of the same strain. If you want to mix and match between strains and lock in better pricing per clone, simply order from our 6+ page here.

Teens: We have a minimum of 4 teens, but you can split the 4 pack into 2 different strains. We simply require a 2 per strain minimum for all teen orders to New Jersey.

Is My NJ Clones Order Guaranteed?

100%! We guarantee every single marijuana clone shipment comes pest free, powdery mildew free, fully rooted, hardened off and ready to transplant into the medium of your choice.

However, things happen with carriers regardless of what’s in the box, so if anything happens (break, dead plant, etc) we require you take and send pictures of the plants within 4 hours of delivery. 

We’ll happily replace any plants that arrive dead, broken or nonviable. This rarely happens though as we have strict standards and every single clone is closely inspected before going into the box.

We HIGHLY recommend choosing the express shipping option during hot summer months and cold winter months to limit any potential issues.

We stand behind our guarantee 100% to ensure you have the confidence in placing your trust in us. We can’t wait to know your socks off with our healthy plants and top shelf strains!

Is There THC In These Plants?

In order for our clones and teens to be shippable, they all have less than .3% THC content at the time of shipping. If grown out to harvest, they will eventually produce THC. We recommend following all state and local laws. We take no responsibility for what you do with our plants once they arrive.

What Environment Is Best For My Clones?

Your clones and teens will die if you don’t have the right conditions ready for them before they arrive. Here are some tips for what your plants need to thrive after delivery.

Temperature should be around 75 degrees.

Relative humidity should be around 60% until the 3rd week of the flowering phase. You can monitor temp and humidity with a cheap device called a hygrometer you can find on Amazon for just a few dollars.

Your lighting schedule should be 18 hours on and 6 hours off if you’re growing indoors, and your lights, depending on the wattage, should be placed 3-4 feet above the clones and 2 feet above the teens for the first few weeks. 

The cannabis clones are coming from a low intensity LED lighting environment, so if you hit them with light that’s too intense, they won’t make it.

NJ Bulk Clone Request

Our bulk pricing for New Jersey marijuana clones typically starts at orders of 50 or more, but if you want more than 25 we can also give a discount. Just fill out the form below and we’ll reach out with an updated inventory and bulk pricing tiers.

Our Favorite Places In New Jersey

New Jersey is a phenomenal place to both live and visit. Here are some of our favorite things to do in the garden state:

The Adventure Aquarium

Cape May Zoo

Atlantic City

Liberty State Park