Cannabis Clones Washington

Our Washington cannabis clones and teens list showcases some of the hottest and hardest to find strains in the US. All shipments are guaranteed to be pest free, powdery mildew free, fully rooted, healthy, hardened off and ready to transplant!

Serving all cities in Washington including Seattle, Vancouver, Spokane, Tacoma, Bellevue and beyond! 

Top Selling Seattle Marijuana Clones

We supply over 30 different top shelf genetics to customers all over the state of Washington that are perfect for your next grow. Featuring breeder cuts from In House Genetics, Lumpy’s Flower, Seed Junky and more, you’ll be sure to find killer genetics you’ll want to run over and over again. Here are some of our most popular strains.

sherbet breath clones seattle

Sherbet Breath

(Mendo Breath x Sunset Sherbet)

60% Indica

Medium-Heavy Yield

pink runtz clones tacoma

Pink Runtz

(Zkittlez x Gelato)

50/50 Hybrid

Medium Yield

gush mints strain wa

Gush Mints

((F1 Durb x Gushers) x Kush Mints)

70% Indica

Heavy Yield

Apple Jax – In House Cut

(Pancakes x Apple Fritter)

70% Indica

Heavy Yield

divine storm flowering

Divine Storm – In House Cut

(Slurricane x Divine Gelato)

90% Indica

Medium Yield

blue unicorn poop cannabis strain

Blue Unicorn Poop 

(Blue Sherbet x Unicorn Poop)

60% Indica

Medium-Heavy Yield

Gelato Cake

(Wedding Cake x Gelato #33)

60% Indica

Medium-Heavy Yield

daily grape cannabis clone washington

Daily Grape #9

(Grape Pie x Daily Driver)

60% Indica

Heavy Yield

Healthy, Fully Rooted Clones & Teens Shipped Direct!

Our premium strains have all been hand selected by our expert growers. With over 15 years of genetics and consulting experience, we’ve been able to get our hands on genetics from the top breeders in the US, inaccessible to the public anywhere else. 

This ensures you get AAA phenotypes with every order, giving you fantastic results and flower you can be proud of.

No more driving all across Washington to find good cuts or popping inconsistent seeds. You get phenomenal cuts every time.

If you’re looking to upgrade your grow, give us a try and experience the difference great clones or teens can make!

3 Packs, 6 Packs and XL Teen Plants!

marijuana clones washington

We offer a number of ways to order. You can get single-strain clone 3 packs, Mix and Match 6+ clone packs, and 4+ packs of teens. We also offer bulk pricing for orders over 50!

Why Choose Clones or Teens Over Seeds?

If you’ve ever grown from seed before, you’re fully aware of the frustrations that come with the process. Why wait a month to get your seedlings to 6″ tall when you can skip the headache entirely. Here are a few reasons it’s better to go with cannabis clones over seeds:

Time: If you end up getting a good germination rate, it’ll take weeks of careful attention to get them big enough to transplant. Our clones come fully rooted and ready to transplant at 6″-9″, shaving a month of time off your grow.

Consistency: Popping seeds leads to inconsistent results. Maybe you find a winner out of a 10 pack and have to run it back for another cycle just to have a great harvest. With our cuts, every single strain has been an established winner, giving you fantastic results across your entire grow.

This is why hundreds of growers from Seattle to Spokane, Vancouver to Bellingham are upgrading their grows with our clones and teens.

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Thousands of Happy Customers & Counting

With 120+ 5 star reviews on Leafly, we’re proud to be the highest rated provider in the United States!

“Clones showed up beautiful and are already loving their new home. Thanks for offering such an easy process!”

“My shipment arrived in great shape, plants were well established. I’m very satisfied and will definitely order again.”

“Quick update. Harvested all six plants. Quality of crop is excellent. Looking forward to doing it again in the Spring.”

“Very healthy clones. Great service. Will buy again!”

Washington Cannabis Clones FAQ

Shipped clones is a relatively new service, so we got lots of questions. Take a look below to find answers to our most popular questions.

Do You Allow Pickups?

At the moment, we’re a shipping only provider. In the future, as local demand increases we’ll be adding locations.

For now, it’s better for us and our customers to be a shipping only clone company. We’re able to maintain our sky-high quality standards and offer more strains to our customers.

With over 3,000 shipments under our belt, we’ve dialed in our process and guarantee you’ll get healthy happy plants, delivered right to your doorstep.

What Washington Cities Do you Ship To?

We have happy customers all over the state of Washington, from Bellingham to Vancouver, Spokane to Seattle. Here are a few cities we ship to, but we ship to EVERY city in WA:

Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Spokane, Kent, Yakima, Bellingham, Everett, Spokane Valley, Auburn, Pasco, Marysville and beyond.

If you’re extremely rural, we recommend choosing the express shipping option at checkout.

Is There A Clone or Teen Minimum?

Yes, in order to keep costs low (some of our genetics are sold for $750 per clone from other providers) we have a minimum order.

Our clones minimum is a 3 pack, which comes as a single strain. If you order 6+ clones from this page, you can mix and match between strains and save quite a bit per clone.

We have a minimum of 4 for XL teens (12″-18″ tall) and a 2 per strain minimum. That means you can split a 4 pack of teens between 2 strains. You can order our teens here.

Are The Clones Guaranteed To Arrive Healthy?

100%. We guarantee all of the marijuana clones you receive from us will be pest free, powdery mildew free, virus free, fully rooted and hardened off so you can transplant them right away.

Things have happened, rarely, in transit like delays with USPS and we offer no hassle replacements if it does happen.

We simply require you to take pictures and send them to us within 3 hours of delivery so we can be sure they weren’t killed a week after you transplant.

The reasons we’re able to offer this is because we produce 10,000 clones per month at our commercial facility and spend $5k/month just on pest management. We’re not some guy in a garage, we’re a professional, customer focused operation you can trust.

What Environment Is Best For The Clones?

There are a few recommendations we have for preparing your grow tent if growing our clones indoors.

Temperature: Should be around 75 degrees in your tent.

Humidity: Keep your relative humidity around 60% until the 3rd week of flower. You can monitor the temperature and humidity with a cheap Hygrometer from Amazon if you don’t have one. You can manipulate the humidity with fans and humidifiers to dial it in correctly.

Lighting: We recommend keeping your lights, depending on wattage between 3-4 feet above the tops of your clones, with an 18 hour on 6 hour off schedule. Our clones are rooted and held under low intensity, cannabis clone-specific LED’s. This means you shouldn’t drop your 1,000 watt full power light right above them because you’ll burn and kill them.

PPM: For nutrients we recommend starting with a feeding PPM of around 700-800 so you don’t under or over feed the plants.

Do You Ship All Year Long?

Yes, we ship clones to Washington all summer and winter. However we learned after last winter that when the daily high is below 32 in certain areas, the plants suffer.

By choosing express shipping this won’t be a problem. If you have concerns, feel free to reach out before you order and we’ll check the temperatures. 

For very cold areas we use small, 72 hour heat packs to maintain a healthy temperature in transit.

As mentioned above, we guarantee all shipments so it’s on us to make sure the clones make the trip.

WA Bulk Clone Request

If you want to order more than 50 clones or teens, please fill out the form below. We’ll reach out within 24 hours with a live inventory and bulk pricing tiers.

Interesting Places In Washington

Washington is a beautiful state to live in and visit. Here are a few of our favorite things to do and see across the state of Washington:

Pike Place Market Seattle

Mount Rainier National Park

Woodland Park Zoo

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Live Seattle Weather