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Grow Your Own Top Shelf Weed At Home!

Order Your Cannabis Plants Today!

You read that right. We offer top shelf cannabis strains as 6″-9″ plants that are fully rooted and ready to grow at home!

Featuring over 25 of the hottest strains on the market, you can grow the same strains as the top breeders in the world.

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you whip out some of the most fire weed they’ve ever smoked, just to tell them you grew it yourself!

🧬 Exclusive Strains From Top Breeders like Cookies, Compound Genetics & More

🔥 High THC Strains

✈️ Fast, Discreet Shipping To All 48 States! (No HI or AK)

⭐️ Thousands Of Happy Customers

💯 Pest & Powdery Mildew Free Guaranteed

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"They are the real deal, plants arrived vibrant and well packaged. I will be a return customer for sure!" ~ Anthony R.

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Thousands Are Growing Top Shelf Weed At Home...

Our team of growers have been breeding premium genetics in California for decades. Now we’re on a mission to bring the best strains to growers everywhere.

(At the time of shipping, our baby cannabis plants have less than .3% THC, making them fully legal to ship to all 50 states.)

Our Current Marijuana Plant Strains

We carry some of the finest cannabis genetics on the planet and make them accessible to home growers across the US.  Here’s a sample of our current list. Please check our order page here to see which clones are in stock at the moment.

How It Works


Select your plant strains as a 3 pack or 6+ pack and add them to your cart. On our product pages simply click the dropdown and select a strain to see THC content, Indica/Sativa ratio and more.


Complete the checkout to receive a total and an order number, then tap any of our payment app links on the order confirmation page. We take Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle or Money Order.


We’ll reach out to confirm we’ve received payment and added your order to our shipping list. Now just sit back, relax and receive your plants in a few short days!

Mix & Match your preferred strains and save up to 50% by ordering our 6+ packs. Simply add your desired strains and hit a minimum of 6 plants to save big!

Our new 3 packs allow you to get a smaller quantity of cannabis clones at a great value. You can’t mix & match with our 3 packs,  just pick your strain and you’ll get 3 of the same strain in your shipment.

Our exotic teen plants are well established plants that are over 1 and a half feet tall already. If you’re looking to shave a month of time off your grow our teens will be your best bet.

Great Customer Service

We are here to help you make the best decision for your grow!

25+ Popular Strains

Some of the hottest strains available like Jealousy, Gary Payton & more!

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Fast Delivery

Our clones ship priority express anywhere in the USA for peak quality on arrival.

Only Healthy Plants

We will only ship healthy, sulfur-treated clones. Break free and pest free, guaranteed!

How Much Can You Save By Growing Your Own Cannabis?

$ 0

Price per pound at the dispensary if buying top shelf eighths at $50 per eighth. 

We’re all getting gouged and we know it by buying from a dispensary. The time has come to grow your own cannabis and take control of your medicine!

$ 0

Price per pound if you grow your own top shelf cannabis at home with our plants.

$210 for a 6 pack of plants (including shipping)

$60 for 6 Smart Pots to hold the plants

$50 for nutrients

$35 for potting soil

$0 for sunlight if growing outdoors

The above will produce 2.5 pounds on average!


Everyone LOVES Our Clones!

Dozens of new and old growers across the US are ordering our plants every day for a reason. We set the standard in the industry and other simply can’t compete.

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“This is SO much better than using seeds and waiting for them to get tall, I mean look at these things!.”
~ David B.

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“These clones are flourishing and thriving! They look so, so good!”
~ Melissa P.

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“If you’re on the fence about getting clones online, I’d say go for it, because I am definitely getting some more.”
~ Nick G.

Mark P.
Mark P.
Read More
Greetings all...hope everything is good with you. I don't take the time to write reviews on anything unless it really rocks my world. So, skeptical I was on buying clones online. But was I blown away when the 6 little girls showed up. The ingenious packaging is crazy amazing. It works perfectly. And the babies were HEALTHY and ready to rock. I transplanted into 5-gal containers for their indoor journey. Not sure I can recommend anything more than these guys sending amazing clones. Support these guys they totally kill it.
Tony D.
Tony D.
Read More
Awesomeness. They got here today & look beautiful!! I'm gonna order up a group of six next week. Glad I found you guys.
Manny B.
Manny B.
Read More
You’re an absolute legend!! These clones are WOW. I’m glad I chose your business. I’ll be back for more my friend!
Nelson B.
Nelson B.
Read More
I had a great experience with the site. I tried to grow my own clones but I did not know that the rock wool had to be presoaked in PH 4 water. After a few weeks I realized I was not going to get any roots and that I would have to start over. I started looking on the internet for a place to buy clones and this site was mentioned. I was afraid at first that the site was a scam. There was a phone number and I called and spoke to Colin. He helped me pick out and buy six clones. I trusted him because he was so helpful. My clones arrived the next day and they all had roots and were very healthy. I was very happy.
Anthony R.
Anthony R.
Read More
They are the real deal, clones arrived vibrant and well packaged. Colin is great to work with. I will be a returning customer for sure!
Brian B.
Brian B.
Read More
I just wanted to take the opportunity to share my recent experience with Clones and Teens online. From the time I placed the order I received an immediate response from the owner Colin thanking me for my order and telling me when I could expect my shipment. He followed up with me every day right up to the day I received them. I opened my package and could not have been happier with the product I received. Everything was extremely vibrant and healthy! I would highly recommend and I will definitely order from them again.
Brandon D.
Brandon D.
Read More
Marijuana clones online was a total game changer for my grow! The days growing the same strain forever and always falling short on my numbers are over! Shipping was fast customer service is quick and easy. Couldnt be happier!
Kristen R.
Kristen R.
Read More
New, scary, experience for us buying clones on line. Felt reassured talking to Colin multiple times during both ordering and delivery processes. Now watching our crop thrive, wow, wonderful. Looking forward to repeating this process with much less anxiety next round. It is different from growing from seed or even from clones from a local dispensary (so much harder to find these days). What's important is that these guys deliver per promises. There's definitely some fine smoking in our future.
Jenna A.
Jenna A.
Read More
Super stoked to receive the Apple jacks and Divine storm! Strains came in fresh and customer service has been Nice and easy. Thank you!
James K.
James K.
Read More
Fast, reliable, no issues at all. Highly recommend! Will be back for more! Thanks Colin!
Chuck H.
Chuck H.
Read More
OUTSTANDING! service. Fast, efficient and really NICE people. Ask for Katie. She knows all the "secrets"
Kristina S.
Kristina S.
Read More
I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with this company . I have made a couple of orders now and my babies came properly packaged and in a timely matter . Also the e mail follow up is a very quick turn around . Customer Service was better then most these days . I will continue to do business with them .
Rob G.
Rob G.
Read More
My shipment arrived in great shape, plants shipped were well established. I’m very satisfied & will definitely order again.

Cannabis Plants (Clones) FAQ

For many of our customers, ordering and growing clones is an entirely new experience. We get a lot of questions, so we've made a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers about our cannabis clones.

Do You Deliver Anywhere In The US?

Yes! As of April 2022, the DEA has divulged that plant material such as clones or seeds that do not have over 0.03% THC are covered under the farm bill and considered hemp.

We can now ship to all 50 states and consistently ship out 250 boxes each month with no issue.

Get started with your marijuana clones order today and start growing your own cannabis plants to save money and enjoy a deeply satisfying growing experience.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Plants?

We offer two shipping methods for our customers. Priority express will typically arrive in 2-3 business days from the date of shipment. Express overnight will typically arrive within 1-2 business days, depending on your location.

Our clone facility is centrally located in the midwest, allowing our clones to arrive fast no matter where you’re located in the US.

Keep in mind, we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and in the Spring Thursdays. This is to avoid unnecessary delays in transit over the weekend.

Once we confirm receipt of payment for your order, we will reach out and give you the estimated day of shipping. Sometimes it’s the next day, and sometimes it could be two business days after your order is placed due to high volumes of orders.

We take extreme care in selecting and inspecting each clone before it leaves our facility, so please be patient, it will be worth the wait.

What Is Your Minimum Order?

Our minimum order is a 3 pack of cannabis plants. For teen plants you can order just one, but they’re exotic strains and go for significantly more than our clones.

Our most popular product is our mix and match 6 pack of clones. You can mix and match between strains to build your perfect 6 pack. You can also by more if you want. Just navigate to our 6+ pack and choose as many clones as you’d like!

The maximum we allow to be purchased directly through the site is 49 clones. If you would like to order 50 or more, please reach out to us directly to discuss options.

What Are The Best Strains For Beginners?

Our top 6 strains for beginners are:

Apple Fritter


Papaya Punch

Apple Jax

Ice Cream Cake

Wedding Cake

Each of these strains will give beginner growers a great yield and be pretty easy to grow!

What Else Do I Need Besides Clones For A Successful Grow?

If you’re growing outdoors from May through October, it’s pretty minimal. We recommend having these ready before your clones arrive:

5 Gallon Fabric Pots

A Quart Kit Of Nutrients. We recommend General Hydroponics.

Soil For Your Grow Pots. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

Those are pretty much all you need for an outdoor grow. If you’re growing indoors we recommend purchasing an all-in-one grow tent kit that will come with everything you need except soil, nutrients and your plants. Feel free to ask us which grow tent kits we recommend via email or chat!

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes! We guarantee all of your plants will arrive healthy, happy and ready to transplant, or we’ll send more plants. It’s very rare that plants arrive dead and it only really happens in the winter months once in every 200-300 shipments.

We use a very strict pest management solution to ensure ZERO plants leave our facility with pests or powdery mildew.

If you do receive plants that are dead or beat up pretty badly (it happens), you must provide pictures of the plants within 24 hours of receiving them to get another shipment sent.

Once the plants are in your control, it’s up to you to keep them alive, but we will provide you with a basic clone care and transplantation guide to get you set up properly.