benefits of growing marijuana

Benefits of Growing Marijuana At Home

Indoor cannabis growing has fast developed during the past decades in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.

If you live in a legal medical marijuana state, you realize that paying for marijuana at the dispensary can be expensive. Growing your cannabis at home will save you from a lot of costs and serve as a fun little adventure.

The National Gardening Survey notes that legalizing the growing of cannabis will make 15 percent of U.S. households give home growing a try.

Growing marijuana at home comes with its own set of challenges that must be rectified to have huge yields.

But if you dedicate a little extra time and motivation to growing marijuana at home, you will benefit from a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are the benefits of growing marijuana at home.

Reliable Access To Cannabis

For many cannabis connoisseurs, running out of weed is something unpleasant. Therefore, you must have your alternatives in case your favorite dispensary runs out of weed.

By growing cannabis at home, you can rely less on dispensaries and better regulate your supply. This makes it easy for medical marijuana users to better control their health as quality control can be monitored effectively.

In most states with legal cannabis, individuals are permitted to grow between 6 and 12 plants. Since a single cannabis plant can yield up to 2 kilos of useable weed, it means there’s a serious stockpile of the stuff. This amount is more than sufficient for a single household, providing plenty left over.

Growing Your Own Cannabis Is Cost Effective

After you purchase most of your grow equipment, money that you would have spent at a dispensary can instead be saved. Buying cannabis at a dispensary requires you to pay a specific amount for the product.

Generally, an ounce of cannabis costs around $100 to $400, depending on the strain and the place.

Other costs that should be considered include electricity and water bills. Your actual cost of growing cannabis at home will vary depending on the strain you want to grow and how much you will need.

Once you’ve invested in all of the equipment, your ongoing costs to produce a few ounces of cannabis per grow is just the cost of electricity and nutrients.

Growing Your Own Cannabis Is A Rewarding Hobby

When you grow your weed and it becomes a healthy plant, it brings satisfaction and relieves stress. According to studies, “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce psychological stress” (2).

Even if your plants didn’t come out as expected, you will still be happy and become more motivated to grow more plants.

Growing weed at home is very appealing regardless of how long it takes and how challenging it may be. Once you see the rewards you won’t ever want to go back to buying from dispensaries.

It's Relatively Easy To Learn

When you get to understand the whole growing process, you’ll enjoy growing cannabis at home. A true cannabis connoisseur seeks to do everything to promote the plant and that includes personal growing, making of edibles, and other useful components with the cannabis plant.

While reading books and watching YouTube videos about growing cannabis is essential, putting it into practice is something else entirely. You’ll need to constantly practice gaining expertise about growing your weed.

After you have grown for several months, you completely know how the growing process works learn, and develop an even bigger appreciation for these remarkable plants.

Convenience Factor

To buy cannabis, users must travel miles to reach to nearest dispensary, which could be a hefty undertaking for many. This daily stress of traveling to the dispensary can easily be solved by growing your weed at home.

Another benefit of growing your own cannabis is that you can easily trim it. Trimming cannabis at your own convenience is quite therapeutic and it makes you creative.

Medicinal & Recreational Users Can Enjoy It

Medical and recreational marijuana users can highly benefit from homegrown cannabis. For medical users, growing your cannabis means you’ll never run out of medication.

Growing the specific strain or type of cannabis that helps with your condition will save you the cost of always buying from a dispensary. Furthermore, growing at home allows you to select the best strains since you can buy whatever type of seeds you need online.

For recreational users, home growing provides a more enjoyable experience than buying from a dispensary. You can easily grow the most potent strains just from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, nothing is sweeter than consuming what you have grown yourself.

Quality Control

Although most commercial cultivators abide by strict chemical usage requirements, it’s not always the case. Making sure you are allowed to see the cannabis test results is a good step to take, but growing your own plants gives you ultimate control over the final product.

If you’re using cannabis for medical purposes, having organically grown products are important. The only way to 100% know that the marijuana is organic would be to grow it yourself.

We recommend growing it yourself to ensure that the chemicals used aren’t detrimental to your health.


Irrespective of whether home growing is legal or not, we can’t deny the benefits of growing your cannabis at home. It saves you from the cost burden and ensures that you’re always stocked with cannabis free from pesticides. While it may be stressful for beginners due to startup costs, when you compare the costs versus the rewards, you realize that you will be benefiting.

If you’re ready to get started growing your own plants at home to save money, order our marijuana clones today!