clone giveaway
clone giveaway

Enter Our 6 Cannabis Plant Giveaway!

That’s right, we’re giving away 6 premium, fully rooted clones of your choice!

At Marijuana Clones Online, we bring exclusive, phenohunted genetics to growers across the United States.

Bonus: 3 Runner up winners will receive a 10 pack of our exclusive seeds valued at $150!

*Giveaway Ends 12-5-22. Winners Will Be Notified Via Email On 12-6-22.

Phenohunted Genetics

Pest Free Guarantee

Fully Rooted

Shipping To All 50 States

Our Most Popular Strain Choices

Each of our strains have been hunted to find some of the best genetics in the country. We consistently add more to our list and currently have over 25 strains to choose from. Here’s a sample:

Why Grow your Own Cannabis?

With legalization sweeping the country, it seems like everyone is starting to grow their own cannabis at home, for good reason!

  • Growing your own cannabis is an exciting and fulfilling experience! Watching your marijuana clones (baby plants) grow from little girls into large, nug filled plants gives a huge sense of accomplishment.
  • By growing your own weed, you’ll likely get a few pounds per year, saving you and your friends thousands of dollars on dispensary products.
  • It’s legal! Most states including Oklahoma allow medical patients to grow up to 6 plants per adult at any given time. Why not have fun, save money and have your own homegrown supply of weed year round!
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Healthy Moms = Healthy Clones

Depending on the season, our completely sterile facility produces anywhere from 10,000 – 50,000 clones per month.

All of our mother plants come from healthy, phenohunted cuts we’ve searched far and wide for. All clones are treated a number of times per week to ensure only the healthiest clones arrive at your doorstep, ready to transplant.

We’re constantly working with our plants, which gives our customers the best clones possible that produce consistent, phenomenal results for our clients.

Clones are all we do, and we’re damn good at it.

“Super professional and rock solid clones. I’ll be back for more after this harvest. Thank you!”

~ Bryan G., Oklahoma City, OK