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Germination of cannabis seeds and growth of cannabis clones in most countries is still illegal. Marijuana Clones Online strictly sells cannabis seeds and clones as adult use souvenirs for genetic preservation or novelty purposes only. All growing information on our product pages is specifically for entertainment purposes only. We do not encourage germination or growing for any other purpose and we do not condone the germination or growth of our seeds or clones.

Marijuana Clones Online does not sell clones or seeds to anyone we suspect may cultivate the seeds or grow the clones in a country where it’s illegal to do so.

United States laws regarding cultivation vary by state so if you live in the United States we strongly recommend you inquire with your local and state authorities about rules and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation.

We accept no responsibility for any product intercepted or lost in transit if you order clones or seeds and have them sent to a state where products like these are illegal.

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