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Bubblegum Seeds – Feminized Photoperiod


Embark on a captivating journey with Bubblegum, a strain that traces its origins from Indiana in the 1970s to New England, evolving into a balanced hybrid through meticulous genetic stabilization.

With mysterious genetic roots predominantly Indica, Bubblegum offers a harmonious blend of mental stimulation and full-body tranquility, making it accessible for beginners.

Our feminized seeds, carrying the triumphant genetics of Bubblegum, ensure easy germination and nearly 100% assurance of yielding female plants, allowing you to uncover the secrets of this strain’s history in your unique cultivation journey.


Bubblegum, with its intriguing journey from Indiana in the 1970s to New England, has evolved into a captivating strain. Its mysterious genetic origins, predominantly Indica, underwent meticulous stabilization and flavor enhancement through generations of inbreeding.

As a genetically balanced hybrid, Bubblegum leans toward mental stimulation, offering a harmonious blend with full-body tranquility. This well-rounded strain strikes a balance, making it approachable even for beginners seeking a not overly intense experience.

Accumulating a rich history of accolades over the years, Bubblegum’s triumphant genetics are encapsulated in our feminized seeds. These seeds boast easy germination and nearly 100% assurance of yielding female plants. Uncover the secrets of Bubblegum’s genetics and embark on a unique cultivation journey with our premium feminized seeds.

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