Cannabis Nutrients Bundle | Complete Growing Kit


Our 1 Quart complete nutrient kit by Success Nutrients has everything you need to produce jaw dropping yields with smaller grows from start to finish.

Pair it with our 3 A Light grow guide to get massive results on your next grow!

Scroll down to see a breakdown of each part of our kit and check out our free feeding charts in the product images.

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All nutrients work great in both hydroponic and soil based mediums. Here is what comes in your 1 Quart Complete Nutrient Bundle:


  • Trees™ is formulated to complement your plants in both the Vegetative and Flowering phases. Use in conjunction with Flowers and Micro for the best results.
  • Game Time™ is a very fine micronized powder. This highly concentrated plant food supplement is formulated to increase flower size immensely while finishing the flowering phase. In addition, it is designed to enhance the production of essential oils and fragrance.
  • Frosty Nugs™ is specially formulated to produce beneficial results for all phases of plant growth. The high levels of sulfur make this an extremely effective flushing agent.
  • Silica™ is a beneficial supplement to be used in conjunction with Success Nutrients plant and food supplements. Strong plant tissues are generated from higher levels of silicon that helps the plant flourish in adverse environmental conditions such as heat, drought or frost.
  • Flowers™ is the backbone to achieving high yields and quality product. Introducing Flowers in the Vegetative stage will ensure a robust product down the road. Flowers encourages the plants to develop as much as possible in the Flowering phase.
  • Bud Strength™ is essential to every aspect of plant life. Our highly fortified calcium, magnesium, and iron plant supplement designed to correct common deficiencies or imbalances in both Vegetative and Flowering phases.
  • Blast Off™ is formulated to promote root and plant growth in the Vegetative and beginning part of the Flower phase. Keep in mind, root mass is fruit mass.
  • Micro™ is formulated to provide your plants with Nitrogen, Potassium and, Calcium for the base of every feed. Bringing very essential micronutrients for both the Vegetative and Flowering phases.
  • Flame™ is formulated to enhance flower size and bud development throughout the flowering phase of a plants life cycle.