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Custom Cannabis Teen Order (Nursery #2) | 12″-16″ Tall


Here is where you’ll place your order for our 12-16″‘ tall exotic cannabis teens from our East Bay nursery. Teens from this nursery cannot be mixed with clones from our clone nursery unless you’re fine with 2 shipping charges.

Teens are perfect for growers that want to shave an extra month off their grow and start with very well established root systems. All teens come untopped, work well in all mediums (DWC, Soil, etc.) and shipped with USPS Priority shipping.

Important. We have a total minimum of 4 teens, and a 2 per strain minimum. We will not process any orders that come through with a single teen of a specific strain. Here are two proper order examples:

2 Grape Gas, 2 Obama Runtz

4 Pineapple Express, 2 Grushers

Because the plants are so large, shipping is variable. Here’s what it breaks down to:

4 Plants = $60, 6 Plants = $80, 8 Plants = $100, 10 plants = $120

Our teens come with the same guarantee as our clones. If any teens are damaged, dead or unhealthy on arrival, just take a picture and send to us within an hour of receiving them (with a timestamp like a clock or watch in the picture) and we’ll send replacements.

Also, as strains sell out they will disappear from the dropdown menu. If you don’t see it, it’s currently sold out.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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"Teens came secure and healthy. HUGE shortcut for my grow haha thank you!"

~ Calvin S.

Our Teen Strains

Our exotic teen strains have been hunted from some of the best breeders in California, Colorado and beyond to ensure only top shelf quality genetics and results. All teens are carefully treated and kept in a completely sterile environment.

(I) = Indica Dominant | (S) = Sativa Dominant | (H) = Hybrid

If any strains listed below do not appear in the dropdown menu, it means they are currently out of stock and not available to purchase at the moment.

Blackberry Moonrocks (I) ~32%

Black Runtz (H) ~29%

Bubblegum Popperz (S) ~32%

Dolato (I) ~26%

Frosted Gelato (S) ~26%

Frozen Black Cherry (I) ~36%

Gelato #41 (I) ~24%

Gelato #45 (I) ~24%

Gorilla Glue #4 (I) ~30%%

Gumbo (I) ~20%

Gush Mintz (I) ~27%

High Society (H) ~28%

Ice Cream Cake (I) ~28%

Jealousy (H) ~30%

Lemon Cherry Gelato (I) ~29%

Oreoz (I) ~32%

Pink Runtz (H) ~26%

Platinum Gelato (I) ~25%

Rainbow Sherbet (H) ~20%

Runtz (H) ~24%

SFV OG (I) ~21%

Sour Candy (S) ~18%

Spritzer (H) ~26%

Watermelon Zkittlez (I) ~27%

White Truffle (I) ~25%

White Zlushie (H) ~27%

Zoap (H) ~26%

SFV OG ~21%

After Dark (I) ~32%

Black Cherry Gelato (H) ~26%

Black Runtz (H) ~29%

Bolo Runtz (H) ~26%

Garlic Banana (I) ~26%

GMO (I) ~25%

Gobstopper (H) ~19%

Grandaddy Purple (I) ~24%

Grapes & Cream (I) ~30%

Gruntz (I) ~30%

Italian Ice (I) ~30%

Jealousy (H) ~30%

Kush Mints (H) ~24%

Mochi (H) ~26%

Rainbow Belts (I) ~24%

Otter Popz (H) ~32%

Red Bullz (S) ~25%

RS11 (I) ~28%

Slurty3 (I) ~24%

Spritzer (H) ~26%

Super Lemon Cherry (I) ~32%

Mark P.
Mark P.
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Greetings all...hope everything is good with you. I don't take the time to write reviews on anything unless it really rocks my world. So, skeptical I was on buying clones online. But was I blown away when the 6 little girls showed up. The ingenious packaging is crazy amazing. It works perfectly. And the babies were HEALTHY and ready to rock. I transplanted into 5-gal containers for their indoor journey. Not sure I can recommend anything more than these guys sending amazing clones. Support these guys they totally kill it.
Nelson B.
Nelson B.
Read More
I had a great experience with the site. I tried to grow my own clones but I did not know that the rock wool had to be presoaked in PH 4 water. After a few weeks I realized I was not going to get any roots and that I would have to start over. I started looking on the internet for a place to buy clones and this site was mentioned. I was afraid at first that the site was a scam. There was a phone number and I called and spoke to Colin. He helped me pick out and buy six clones. I trusted him because he was so helpful. My clones arrived the next day and they all had roots and were very healthy. I was very happy.
Brian B.
Brian B.
Read More
I just wanted to take the opportunity to share my recent experience with Clones and Teens online. From the time I placed the order I received an immediate response from the owner Colin thanking me for my order and telling me when I could expect my shipment. He followed up with me every day right up to the day I received them. I opened my package and could not have been happier with the product I received. Everything was extremely vibrant and healthy! I would highly recommend and I will definitely order from them again.
Brandon D.
Brandon D.
Read More
Marijuauna clones online was a total game changer for my grow! The days growing the same strain forever and always falling short on my numbers are over! Shipping was fast customer service is quick and easy. Couldnt be happier!
Anthony R.
Anthony R.
Read More
They are the real deal, clones arrived vibrant and well packaged. Colin is great to work with. I will be a returning customer for sure
Kristen R.
Kristen R.
Read More
New, scary, experience for us buying clones on line. Felt reassured talking to Colin multiple times during both ordering and delivery processes. Now watching our crop thrive, wow, wonderful. Looking forward to repeating this process with much less anxiety next round. It is different from growing from seed or even from clones from a local dispensary (so much harder to find these days). What's important is that these guys deliver per promises. There's definitely some fine smoking in our future.
Jenna A.
Jenna A.
Read More
Super stoked to receive the Apple jacks and Divine storm! Strains came in fresh and customer service has been Nice and easy. Thank you!
James K.
James K.
Read More
Fast, reliable, no issues at all. Highly recommend! Will be back for more! Thanks Colin!
Chuck H.
Chuck H.
Read More
OUTSTANDING! service. Fast, efficient and really NICE people. Ask for Katie. She knows all the "secrets"
Kristina S.
Kristina S.
Read More
I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with this company . I have made a couple of orders now and my babies came properly packaged and in a timely matter . Also the e mail follow up is a very quick turn around . Customer Service was better then most these days . I will continue to do business with them .
Rob G.
Rob G.
Read More
My shipment arrived in great shape, plants shipped were well established. I’m very satisfied & will definitely order again.
Scott A.
Scott A.
Read More
I selected to buy from marijuana clones online after reading several negative reviews about some of the other clone providers mainly around the condition the cuts arrived in. I'm really glad i found this site as my clones arrived yesterday with tons of nice healthy roots and look amazing. They even come with a DEA letter inside the box so the don't get nabbed during shipping. They arrived in 3 days. Overall experience, awesome selection, helpful people on the chat, great prices, arrived on time and in great condition.
Manny B.
Manny B.
Read More
You’re an absolute legend!! These clones are WOW. I’m glad I chose your business. I’ll be back for more my friend!

Teen Order FAQ

We get a lot of questions, so below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. We look forward to helping you with your grow!

What States Do You Ship To?

We are currently shipping to all 48 contiguous US states. Hawaii and Alaska have proven to be difficult so we’re currently holding off on shipping to those two states. We have happy customers all across the US, from Southern California to upstate New York, South Florida to Seattle!

We do not ship overseas or to Canada. We apologize for the inconvenience but it’s just something we don’t feel comfortable doing at the moment.

If you’re out of the country and have a friend in the US, we can ship to them and they can forward the package to you after they have de-stressed and stabilized the plants.

How Do I Complete An Order?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose any of our teens above using the dropdown menu and quantity selector. You can mix and match but you must have a minimum of 4 TOTAL teens, with a minimum of 2 per strain. You can get 4,5,8,12 teens total, but at least 2 per strain.
  2. Fill out the billing/shipping information on the checkout page and complete the checkout.
  3. On the thank you page you’ll receive and order number and a visible total. You can pay with debit/credit for orders UNDER $500, all orders above $500 must be paid with Cashapp, Zelle, Venmo or Money Order.
  4. Detailed instructions will be on the checkout page. Once you complete your order we’ll reach out and confirm that we’ve added your teen order to our shipping list.

How Long Do The Teens Take To Arrive?

We use UPS 2 day shipping for all teen orders and typically they arrive in 2, sometimes 3 days. The plants are larger and more developed than clones so even if it does take 3 days, your plants will arrive healthy, happy and ready to transplant.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes! We’ve perfected our shipping methods and our facility is completely sterile, so we offer a break-free and pest free guarantee. 

All cteens are healthy, fully rooted and hardened off to guarantee healthy clones when they arrive. However, we do not guarantee that all of your clones will survive after transplant. These are live plants, and no matter how healthy they are when they arrive you can expect around 90% success rate if you know what you’re doing. 

Our teens are more fail-safe than any clones you’ll find elsewhere, but experience and understanding of the transplant and care process are ultimately what will determine their success. As long as you understand the basics, you’ll most likely see a 90-100% success rate.

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