Cap Junky Clone – Capulator Cut

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Get your hands on our exclusive Cap Junky clones, from Capulator. This breeder cut can hit up to 34% THC and is the love-child of Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11, born from a collab between Capulator and Seed Junky.

THC: ~33%

Hybrid: 60% Indica 40% Sativa

Lineage: Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11

Flower: 8-9 Weeks

Yield: Medium-Heavy

Terp Profile: Menthol, Spice, Pine, Gas, Fruit

If it shows as out of stock we can still do a cut to order or cut and send 5 snips.

Price is for 1 rooted clone or 5 unrooted snips.

If you would like to order more of our exotic genetics, please reach out and we can come up with a custom quote.

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