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Girl Scout Cookies Seeds | Feminized Photoperiod


Our feminized photoperiod Girl Scout Cookies seeds are one of our hardest to keep in stock! As a Cannabis Cup winner, this killer cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush gives off both a euphoric and flavorful smoking experience.

With the help of the SF Bay Area, Cookie Fam, and Wiz Khalifa this strain soared to icon status fast. It packs a serious punch at ~25% THC, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks

THC: ~25%

Genetics: OG Kush x Durban Poison

Indoor Yield: ~500 grams per square meter | Outdoor Yield: ~500 grams per plant

Limit: 50 per customer

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Info

Legendary newcomer to the scene, Girl Scout Cookies gained notoriety around 2010, but like the strain’s namesake, has now become a household favorite. The indica-dominant hybrid, sometimes referred to as GSC, is a cross of two classics: OG Kush and Durban Poison.

It has no-doubt gained notoriety for the intense uplifting, yet calming relaxation it can induce. Award-winning effects, looks, and taste culminate in Girl Scout Cookies seeds, which will always be a staple in dispensaries.

The average cycle of growth is 8-9 weeks with an average yield, but beginners should be wary of this strain. With great power comes great responsibility. GSC seeds have the potential to produce incredibly potent buds, but must receive proper care and attention.

If you can master the GSC, you’ll be well on your way to scoring yourself a spot at the Cannabis Cup.


GSC Seeds Details

Bred by the renowned Cookie Fam, Girl Scout Cookies seeds were created by crossing the power-couple OG Kush and Durban Poison. Once you’ve had a taste of GSC, you’ll understand the reasoning behind the name.

Sweet like cocoa while rich and well-rounded, Girl Scout Cookies will have you savoring each delightful puff. You can thank the Durban Poison for GSC’s essence of freshly baked goods, wrapped up in a dank blanket of OG Kush’s peppery earth.

GSC seeds have gone on to produce the parents of equally notorious new strains such as Sherbert, GMO Cookies, Thin Mints, and countless other phenotypes and cultivars.

As an indica hybrid, GSC leaves you with a classic couch-lock with a euphoric twist. Expect to indulge in some treats as you will be experiencing an acute dose of the munchies while consuming this strain.

High THC levels averaging 25% and above will leave those with a low tolerance in a stupor, and have even the average stoner a little dazed and confused. When you incorporate Girl Scout Cookies seeds into your grow-op, you’ll experience an arduous, yet incredibly rewarding challenge.

Nor-Cal Cookie Fam’s GSC is a coveted strain that has made its mark on not only the culture of cannabis, but its future in a thriving industry.


Growing GSC Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies seeds are some of the most beautiful plants to cultivate for their exotic looks. Juxtaposed against a sea of green, this strain is a vibrant show-stopper. GSC can cast out gorgeous sunleaves that range from deep forest green to ultraviolet.

Some phenotypes produce a captivating midnight-purple shade under certain types of lighting. Specifically Thin Mint and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Sleek and captivatingly resinous, GSC seeds are a crucial addition to any large-scale cultivation operation. Same goes for home growers who are serious about their craft.

If you’re a competitive type, you might even consider entering GSC into a local or regional competition. This strain has defeated opponents at multiple cups, even earning the title of Best Hybrid at the 2013 SoCal Cannabis Cup.

GSC is notorious for being moderately difficult to grow. Even experienced growers can expect a modest harvest. However, when the atmosphere and conditions are perfect, these buds can truly flourish. What the strain lacks in yield, it makes up for in flavor and resin production.

You also don’t need to do much with regards to plant training for growth structure. With dense and tightly spaced colas, Girl Scout Cookies seeds produce rock-solid nugs that are so rich in THC, they almost look silver.

Recommended techniques for cultivating Girl Scout Cookies seeds include utilizing an indoor environment with a sea of green layout. It’s also encouraged to work with either a soil or hydroponic medium, allowing proper nutrients to break down and become absorbed.

Prepare for a flowering time of 7-9 weeks and short to medium-height colas. Adjust temperature, humidity, and airflow accordingly to ensure resin preservation, and consider investing in some visibility tools.

Checking the trichomes for the stages of resin production with a jewelers loupe may seem old school, but it’s one of the most widely popular and useful methods for knowing when it’s harvesting time.


Girl Scout Cookies Effects

Break out your best snacks and brace for mental impact. GSC has an uncanny ability to instigate a sugar craving if you’re prone to the munchies. The most commonly noted effect of Girl Scout Cookies seeds is providing users who smoke the strain with increased happiness.

A cerebral, stimulating high, that enhances creativity and elicits good vibes. Many users report feeling giggly, hungry, and euphoric, with a balance of relaxation. Smoking GSC feels similar to how your brain reacts while eating chocolate: a dopamine head rush that slowly fades to pure bliss.

A true indica-hybrid that lifts your spirits before leaving you bound to the couch – until you run out of snacks.

Girl Scout Cookies seeds are highly sought after and a near-requirement for those looking to provide diverse medicinal benefits. Users may experience relief from chronic pain and inflammation, as well as a tranquil sedation that radiates throughout the body.

Patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, appetite loss, and insomnia can see symptoms lessen with the help of this strain. GSC is the perfect strain for dessert because, like a good wine or post-dinner coffee, you’ll feel chatty and at ease. Easily slipping into a slumber once the buzz wears off, floating off into a dreamstate.

With above-average THC levels, you’ll want to puff slowly and deliberately. This heavy hitting strain can be a doozy for new consumers. While a relaxing high, users generally feel less motivation for more demanding activities.

Girl Scout Cookies seeds are perfect for those looking for a solution to extreme stress. It’s no wonder that a strain named after something so delicious can lead you down the path of hedonism. Once you take a few tokes, you’re bound to surrender to your desires for a tempting treat.


Girl Scout Cookies Appearance, Flavor and Aroma

The anticipation can sometimes be the hardest part of completing the harvest and cure of a fresh batch of Girl Scout Cookies. A minty-sweet aroma with vanilla baked in is intoxicating on its own. Coupled with the spicy, pungent earth of OG Kush makes the smell and taste of GSC even more irresistible.

Connoisseurs fall in love with the sensory experience of seeing, touching, tasting, and smoking this legendary strain. The blend of classic OG characteristics of compact, golf ball shaped buds and Durban Poison’s elongated spears adds a unique flair to its structure.

Girl Scout Cookies seeds produce brightly sparkling buds encased with leaves of deep indigo, embellished by bold orange hairs. Rows upon rows of glittering trichomes douse the buds and line the ridges of each sugar leaf like fresh snow on a winter morning.

The flavor on the inhale glides across your taste buds like fresh sweet cream, with a powerful exhale of musky OG funk.


GSC Terpenes

While not the most sweet-tasting strain, limonene’s presence in Girl Scout Cookies seeds provides a cutting citrus to balance the dominating earthy terpenes. Most prevalent is caryophyllene, creating a bold and warm spice, and then myrcene, making up the woody, skunk flavor.

Combined, Girl Scout Cookies’ terpene profile forms a unique essence, embodying a faint aftertaste of chocolate chip cookies.

It is likely that the touch of nutty vanilla allows the blend to not be overtaken by pungent earth, but Girl Scout Cookies seeds come from extremely resilient parents. OG Kush fuels the dank earth, providing an additional layer of fresh pinene to complement the sweet haze of Durban Poison.

If you were to imbibe on this dessert strain with any meals, make sure to include bold flavors. Pairing recommendations include pesto pasta or a garlic seared steak, with lemon bars as a final course.


Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Conclusion

If you’ve ever wanted to grow one of the most legendary cannabis strains available, GSC is for you. It strikes a perfect balance of growing ease, high THC and aesthetically pleasing buds that will make you proud you spent your time growing such a magnificent strain.

We recommend adding some Peanut Butter Breath seeds, Grand Daddy Purple seeds, Do Si Dos seeds or Wedding Cake seeds to your grow to have one of the most outstanding crops you could ever lay your eyes on!

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