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Gold Leaf Seeds – Feminized Photoperiod


Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Gold Leaf, where the exquisite interplay of amber leaves and vibrant green frosty buds creates a visual masterpiece.

Notable for its impressive colas adorned with tangerine pistils, this strain delights with a sweet pine aroma and rich diesel flavor, leaving a lingering and delightful aftertaste.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, Gold Leaf emerges as a potent powerhouse, harmonizing high levels of THC and CBD to induce euphoria and uplifting creativity, making it a go-to choice for stress relief and a cheerful, psychedelic experience.


Step into the enchanting world of Gold Leaf, where amber leaves elegantly complement bright green frosty buds, creating a visual symphony that lives up to its name. The strain’s allure is heightened by its impressive colas adorned with long tangerine pistils, a true hallmark of its natural beauty. Adding to its charm is the sweet, piney aroma that intertwines with a rich diesel flavor, leaving an exquisite aftertaste on the palate.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Gold Leaf is a powerhouse with stellar levels of both THC and CBD, crafting a perfect harmony of euphoria and uplifting creativity. This Indica-dominant hybrid has become the preferred choice for those seeking relief from stress, fatigue, and depression, offering a happy, giggly, and psychedelic high.

What makes Gold Leaf even more enticing for growers is its ease of cultivation. With a quick flowering period, it not only produces moderate to heavy yields but also boasts a manageable stature for indoor growth. Alternatively, planting it outdoors allows the plant to reach monstrous sizes, adding versatility to its cultivation possibilities.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Gold Leaf, a strain that goes beyond visual appeal, delivering a symphony of flavors and effects. Experience the magic for yourself—unlock the potential of Gold Leaf and cultivate a harvest that embodies the essence of excellence. Don’t miss the chance to make Gold Leaf a centerpiece of your cannabis collection. Secure your seeds and embark on a journey of elevated cultivation.

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