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Grand Daddy Purple Seeds | Feminized Photoperiod


Our feminized photoperiod Grand Daddy Purple seeds are legendary due to the dark purple, extra large nugs you harvest from the plant. A great cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, this packs around a 25% THC punch, that some call the ultimate indica strain.

It’s an Indica dominant hybrid (75% Indica 25% Sativa) that gives you a knockout punch of relaxation once smoked. A California favorite for decades for good reason, it’s a great strain to show off to your friends and baze on a lazy Sunday!

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

THC: 24%-27%

Genetics: Purple Urkle x Big Bud

Indoor Yield: ~475 grams per square meter | Outdoor Yield: ~500 grams per plant

Limit: 50 per customer

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


About Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

Quality cannabis connoisseurs know that purple weed is just better. It’s one of the only visual cues many customers have relied on for years to identify indica-dominant strains. Arguably the most iconic purple of all, Grand Daddy Purple seeds have blessed us with generations of vivid violet hues.

This legendary indica strain holds a powerful grip over those looking to consume a classic with couch-lock effects. Also known as GDP, Purps, or Granddaddy Purps, it boasts a rich floral aroma with a hint of juicy grape.

Originally bred by Ken Estes, Grand Daddy Purple seeds exploded out of the Bay Area in 2003 and into our hearts.

GDP Seeds Details

To set the record straight, we don’t mean all purple strains are indicas. What’s important is, Grand Daddy Purple seeds are an iconic crossbreed made from Big Bud and Purple Urkle.

This classic blend known as GDP is the pinnacle of an indica high, flower, and growth structure. When you’re looking for a good indica, you want it to put you down and keep you there.

A knockout with minimal head-high, leaving your body tingling and mind empty. The buds should be medium-sized, dense (but not too dense), and sticky with resin. The plant should be short, bushy, and plump with sunleaves.

These are the qualities that true indica lovers and medicinal patients go out of their way to attain. Grand Daddy Purple seeds should be in every grower’s genetic arsenal.

This famous purple strain has also produced some incredible offspring. Two recent industry favorites, Cherry Pie and Purple Punch. Both strains possess the deep and iconic hues of plum and wine from their parents.

Grand Daddy Purple seeds generally produce deep and rich purple tones, unlike any of its competitors. GDP won first place for best indica at Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015, but not just for looks.

Growing Grand Daddy Purple

Seasoned cultivators find GDP’s short, shrublike structure simple to manage. Difficulty to grow Grand Daddy Purple seeds ranges from easy to medium depending on your experience. Expect this strain to flower for 7-9 weeks. Grand Daddy Purple seeds produce a plentiful and resinous crop with large yields.

This indica is an optimal strain for beginners who are looking to dip their toes into home cultivation. Some say this strain grows best indoors, but many have success outside, especially in cooler climates.

It’s important not to let temperatures get too hot for full genetic expression. GDP does best when kept at 70-54 degrees, and 50-55% humidity.

Throughout the growth cycle, Grand Daddy Purple seeds grow leaves that change color like a kaleidoscope. Robust and healthy sunleaves require weekly pruning throughout the vegetation period.

If the structure is well maintained during flowering, the buds will swell and produce large colas. Make sure to provide additional support such as stakes or plant yoyos. You’ll know it’s time when the buds go from slightly drooping, to bending at the stem.

Tight internodal spacing makes for a dense and plump cola, leaving experienced farmers with massive yields. Grand Daddy Purple seeds are naturally disease and pest resistant, but it’s always good to keep an eye out for issues.

If properly maintained and cared for, GDP’s crop will surpass your usual harvest weight.

GDP Effects

Packing a punch at a whopping 20% – 26% THC average, this strain surprises in many different ways. Many users have grown accustomed to flower averaging 25% THC in recreational and medical shops, and sometimes even higher. Grand Daddy Purple seeds were never known for producing the most THC, yet remain a heavy hitter in dispensaries.

It’s no doubt the unique combination of terpenes and cannabinoids produce this profound experience. The classic stoner effect of hungry, happy, and sleepy, all rolled into one.

GDP is the perfect strain for beginners, and a classic favorite for veteran smokers. Night time use is highly recommended for this strain, as it produces a lethargic body high.

Users can expect to feel a slight mental relaxation before the full effects kick in. Grand Daddy Purple seeds are ideal for cultivators looking to grow powerful and reliable indica.

The cerebral lift backed by serious medicinal benefits is useful to both patients and recreational users alike. GDP can help manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite loss.

Many also seek this Grand Daddy of indicas for its strong pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect. Overall, the most common use of GDP is for sleep aid. The dreamy high will have your mind drifting slowly into rest and relaxation.

The key to this strain is moderation. Grand Daddy Purple seeds may seem innocuous, but can have unexpected results. Those with a lower tolerance can still enjoy GDP if consumed consciously and with intention.

The cerebral effects come on a lot stronger than intended for medicinal use if overused, so start slow. After your first few hits take effect and you begin to lose touch with reality, you’ll want to do a reality check.

Drink plenty of water and once the munchies hit, take cover. A pleasantly mind-numbing high is right around the corner.

Appearance, Flavor and Aroma

In full bloom, Grand Daddy Purple buds are round and pillowy-soft with medium density. During the grow process, you’ll notice the psychedelic color change of GDP’s leaves. Beginning with a vibrant vegetative green, slowly transforming to purples, blues, and bursts of orange.

The final cure shows off the coveted dark plum and lavender tones, contrasted against a lush coating of iridescent trichomes. The hypnotic swirl of grape, berry, and lavender fills your senses with a bright, yet complex aroma.

Many varieties of Grand Daddy Purple seeds also produce a unique earthy funk, balanced by the floral and fruity sweetness.

Grand Daddy Purple Terpene Profile

Myrcene, AKA the mother of indica terpenes, overpowers Grand Daddy Purple seeds with its musky aroma.

GDP’s other prominent terps, Alpha- Pinene and Caryophyllene, blend to create a balanced lethargy in consumers. Any hint of grape can be credited to the brisk earth of alpha-pinene and humulene, sprinkled with linalool.

The bright fruity berry flavor is subtle, but commonly found in every variety. It’s simply tucked beneath a layer of peppery earth and herbal lavender. The exotic flavors of GDP’s terpene profile are balanced and tempting enough to make any connoisseur drool.

Order Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Today!

If you love a heavy indica strain to keep you couch locked and fending off insomnia, GDP seeds are just what you need. The powerful effects, high THC level and monster yields make it a grower’s dream in more ways than one.

You simply can’t go wrong with getting these seeds. If you’re looking to mix up your grow we also recommend our Do Si Dos seeds, Peanut Butter Breath seeds, Ice Cream Cake seeds, Wedding Cake seeds, or our Apple Fritter seeds to knock it out of the park this season.

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