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Northern Lights Seeds – Feminized Autoflower


Experience the timeless allure of Northern Lights, an iconic Indica hybrid now available in swift auto-flowering form, courtesy of Marijuana Clones Online.

With its roots tracing back to the ’70s in Seattle and later refined in Amsterdam, this strain, rooted in classic Afghani landraces, offers a potent almost pure Indica experience with a hint of Thai Sativa genetics.

The Auto Northern Lights, a multiple award winner, retains the legendary “two hits and quit” reputation, ensuring a fast and reliable cultivation experience, now available in feminized seeds exclusively through us.


Step into the legendary embrace of Northern Lights, an Indica hybrid that has retained its crown as the epitome of excellence for decades. Cultivating this iconic strain offers choices like feminized or fast versions, and now, the blazingly swift Auto-flowering Northern Lights courtesy of Marijuana Clones Online.

The enigmatic origins of Northern Lights trace back to Seattle in the 70s before finding its way to Amsterdam, where genetic refinement elevated it to global stardom in 1985. Rooted in classic Afghani landraces, this strain is an almost pure Indica with a touch of Thai Sativa genetics, delivering an intense body high accompanied by dreamy cerebral effects.

Auto Northern Lights stays true to its photoperiod predecessor, offering the same potent effects—earning its reputation as a “two hits and quit” strain that demands respect even from seasoned consumers. As a multiple-time award winner, the introduction of Northern Lights Auto seeds in our catalog is a welcomed addition, catering to the need for speed and reliability. Furthermore, it comes in feminized form, ensuring a hassle-free cultivation experience devoid of male interference. Elevate your cannabis journey with the swift and potent embrace of Auto Northern Lights, available exclusively through us.

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