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Runtz Seeds – Feminized Autoflower


Embark on a confectionary adventure with this candy-inspired strain, blending Zkittlez heritage with Gelato to deliver mesmerizing purple-tinted buds and a sweet aroma.

With a robust 19% THC content, it promises a euphoric head high and stress-alleviating therapeutic effects, making it a delightful addition to your cannabis collection.

As an autoflower, it offers a hassle-free cultivation experience, perfect for both visual and aromatic pleasures. Secure your seeds now to unlock the unique charm of this stress-relieving masterpiece.


Embark on a journey into the world of confectionary delights with this unique candy-inspired strain, showcasing mesmerizing purple-tinted buds reminiscent of its Zkittlez heritage. Craftily blended with Gelato, it not only boasts a sweet flavor but also emanates a truly delicious aroma. With a robust 19% THC content, it promises a euphoric head high, coupled with the therapeutic ability to alleviate stress in both the mind and body.

Adding to its allure, this strain is an autoflower, presenting a hassle-free and enjoyable cultivation experience—especially ideal for those venturing into the art of growing cannabis. Elevate your growing journey with this delectable and stress-relieving gem, offering not just visual and aromatic pleasures, but also a rewarding cultivation experience. Secure your seeds now and unlock the unique charm of this candy-inspired masterpiece.

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6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 24 Seeds


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