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White Widow Seeds – Feminized Photoperiod


White Widow, a premier double landrace hybrid, delivers the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation through its exceptional genetic heritage—a blend of Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica.

This strain, celebrated for its outstanding qualities, emanates a captivating perfume of herbs and spice, creating a smooth smoke that uplifts the spirit and induces relaxation.

With stunning visual appeal, White Widow crops showcase lush greenery, minty resin-coated nugs, and fiery, sticky colas, making it a visual feast for enthusiasts.

As a beloved strain since the ’90s, White Widow transcends expectations, embodying the artistry of cultivation and earning its place as a centerpiece in any cannabis collection


Experience the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation with White Widow, a double landrace hybrid that stands as a premier cultivar. The result of a Brazilian sativa landrace x South Indian indica cross, White Widow boasts an exceptional genetic heritage, ensuring its enduring popularity among enthusiasts. This strain seamlessly blends potency, delectability, and abundance, creating an irresistible package that leaves nothing to be desired.

Earning accolades for its outstanding qualities, White Widow emanates a captivating perfume of herbs and spice, layered upon a foundation of pine and earth. The smooth smoke it produces uplifts the spirit, induces relaxation, and fosters a profound appreciation for life’s pleasures.

Packaged in stunning visual appeal, White Widow crops reach heights of three to six feet, showcasing a lush expanse of gorgeous greenery. The minty nugs glisten with resin, earning the strain its well-deserved name. Each cola is a testament to the strain’s excellence—round, fiery, and delightfully sticky, offering a visual feast for enthusiasts.

A darling of the cannabis community, White Widow has held its prestigious status since the ’90s, gracing Dutch coffee shops and gardens across the country. Elevate your cannabis experience with White Widow, a strain that transcends expectations and stands as a testament to the artistry of cultivation. Embrace the legacy, indulge in excellence, and make White Widow a centerpiece of your cannabis collection today.

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