At Marijuana Clones Online, we treat our customers as if they were family. We have a generous reshipment policy but you must abide by our terms.

If your clones or teens arrive in poor health or dead, we require that you send us pictures with a timestamp (with a watch or clock in the photos) within 4 hours of delivery. Once we receive pictures with a timestamp, we’ll assess the situation and either:

  • Ask that you give the clones a few days to recover after transplant and follow our transplant guide exactly. If they don’t bounce back within 3-5 days, we will reship the genetics that arrived unhealthy or dead within 3 shipping days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • Ship out replacements within 3 shipping days if we can tell the clones are too far gone.


The reason we require pictures back to us within 4 hours of delivery is that these are living plants, and depending on weather conditions, CANNOT be left on your porch or mailbox for a few days (in some cases a few hours before transplanting. Someone asked for reshipments but let us know they left them in their mailbox for 5 days before he got them and transplanted them, which forced us to start this policy.

We will not ship replacements if you don’t get back to us via email within 4 hours of the marked delivery time from the shipping carrier. This is to avoid sending reshipments to customers that end up killing their plants a week later due to user errors. You must follow our transplant guide and keep the environment as discussed in the document.

We will only offer a refund if the strains that need to be replaced are no longer in stock and won’t be available within 5-10 days.

Contact us at [email protected] for questions related to refunds and returns.