Tissue Culture Clones For Sale

Cannabis tissue culture clones are simply the cleanest you can buy. Our tissue culture cannabis clones will provide you with disease-free consistency to boost your bottom line and minimize stress.

Our Current Tissue Culture Clone Strains

Please review our list of tissue culture clones below and reach out to us when you’re ready to order. We keep thousands of clones in stock in the spring and can start-to-order if you give us 3-4 weeks lead time.


Do Si Dos x Gelato 41

8 Weeks


Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake

8 Weeks

Apple Fritter

Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

8 Weeks | 27% THC

Bob Ross

Oregon MAC (Oregon Diesel x MAC) x Zkittlez

8-9 Weeks | 29% THC

Club 33

Gelato 33 x GMO

8 Weeks


Do Si Dos x Gelato 33

8 Weeks


Gelato x South Florida OG

8 Weeks | 27% THC

Gary Payton

Y Griega x Snowman

8-9 Weeks | 25% THC

Gelato 33

Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies

8 Weeks | 28% THC

Gelato 41

Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC

8 Weeks | 27% THC

Ghost Vapor OG

Ghost OG x Purple Vapor

8 Weeks | 25% THC


Chemdawg 91 x GSC

9 Weeks | 31% THC

Grease Monkey

Cookies & Cream x Original Glue

8 Weeks | 27% THC

Gush Mints

Gushers x F1 Durban Poison x Kush Mints

9 Weeks | 26% THC

Jack Herer

Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk

8-9 Weeks | 24% THC

Jet Setter

Sour D x OG Kush x Bob Ross

8-9 Weeks | 26% THC

Why Buy Tissue Culture?

There are a number of reasons that commercial cannabis cultivators are understanding the need for absolutely clean and consistent genetics for their grows. 

Cost: With downward pressure on prices in recreational cannabis markets across the US, consistency and disease free genetics are what can ensure that your operation stays in business long term. Not only that but maintaining an absolutely sterile mother room is difficult and costly.

Disease: With farms across the nation going down with HLVd outbreaks, the best thing growers can do is buying clean genetics from a tissue culture operation.

Preservation: Find a phenotype you simply don’t ever want to lose, but housing mother plants and keeping conditions perfect a pain in the ass? We can clean, preserve and house your favorite genetics at our facility. You simply order more when you’re ready and you can get thousands of T.C. clones from your favorite strain within weeks! 

tissue culture clone jar

Services We Can Provide

Genetic Remediation

Cultivars always have the risk of generational weakening when maintaining a traditional clone program. We’ll take your go-to cultivars and revive their genetic expression, vitality and health, giving you thousands of clean, vigorous plants to work with.

Genetic Storage

We can take your favorite cultivars and store them in our state of the art facility for as long as you need us to. We respect your work as cultivators and will, under no circumstances, sell your genetics to anybody else. Reach out today to get your genetics cleaned and stored properly so you don’t lose them.

Exclusive Production

We can store and work with your genetics and set up a schedule so you always have your favorite strains ready to go when you’re ready to plant. You can choose from our genetic library, or send your favorite cultivars for us to clean and reinvigorate and produce for you on time, every time.

Cannabis Tissue Culture Clone FAQ

Tissue culture clones are new for the majority of people we work with, so we get a lot of questions. Here are the most common questions we get about our tissue culture clones and services.

What Strains Do You Offer?

We offer around 12 different cultivars as tissue culture clones, but we have access to hundred of premium genetics that we can remediate and for our clients as well. If you have your own genetics you would like for us to store and propagate on a schedule, we do that too!

How Are The Clones Shipped?

We offer smaller tissue culture clones, as well as larger TC clones that are potted in 3″ soil pots. We can prepare and ship your clones in the size the you request if it’s a prep-to-order situation. Most clones, if you’re pulling from our existing inventory will come in 2″ plugs and anywhere from 4-10 inches tall. 

If you’re open to 2″ hardened off clones we can provide higher quantities per box. Although these clones are smaller, they’re still very vigorous and will transplant very well for you.

Are They HLVd Tested?

Yes! Our tissue culture genetics are tested monthly and the tissue culture process removes almost all chance of it arising in the plants. If you have other plants in your facility, you should have them checked before buying if you’re worried there is an outbreak at your facility.

We keep our facility completely sterile, and use extremely specific IPM protocols to ensure that our clones do not send any unwanted visitors or pathogens to your facility.

Will You Sell Our Genetics If We Store Them With You?

Never! Our entire business is built on relationships with our customers, and we work hard to earn respect. We will never sell your genetics, allowing you to be the exclusive owners of the cultivars you provide to us for safe keeping.

We keep our genetic bank extremely secure and each strain is carefully labeled so there is no risk of your genetics “getting out”.

How Quickly Will My Tissue Culture Clones Arrive?

If you’re ordering from our live inventory, you can get your clones delivered via UPS 2 day within a matter of days. We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We can sometimes make an exception and ship on Thursdays, but overnight shipping will need to be paid for by the client.

For large, specific orders we recommend reaching out to us at least 4 weeks before you’re ready to transplant so you can have your choice of strain, since inventory fluctuates quickly.

Do Tissue Culture Clones Really Perform Better?

Yes! Tissue culture clones are not snipped from a mother plant that can be in a multitude of different states. Taking clones from a stressed out mother plant can cause inconsistencies in how the finished product is presented, but with tissue culture you don’t need to worry about that.

You get stress free clones that are uninhibited by the conditions of a mother plant, just the purest form of the cultivar across every single clone. This means you’ll get better consistency than traditional clones every time.