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Sour Diesel Seeds – Feminized Autoflower


Prepare for an espresso-like high with Sour Diesel, a heavyweight strain delivering fast-acting euphoria and dreamy intensity.

While its lineage, likely linked to Chemdawg 91 and Northern Lights or Skunk #1, remains mysterious, Sour Diesel has dominated the cannabis scene since the ’90s.

Ideal for daytime use, this strain’s Auto Sour Diesel variant, born from Ruderalis, ensures rapid auto-flowering, harvesting in under two months while maintaining legendary traits and resin-rich potency.

Secure your seeds now for a swift and unforgettable cultivation experience that honors the Sour Diesel legacy.


Experience a high akin to a dozen espresso shots all at once with Sour Diesel—an undisputed heavyweight in the realm of hard-hitting strains. This dank delight doesn’t hold back, delivering fast-acting effects that usher in unabashed euphoria with a dreamy quality, making it a top contender for those seeking an intense experience.

While its lineage remains shrouded in mystery, the consensus points to Sour Diesel being a descendant of Chemdawg 91, potentially crossed with Northern Lights, and perhaps even involving Skunk #1. Regardless of its origins, Sour Diesel has solidified its status as one of the world’s most recognizable strains since its emergence in the ’90s.

Ideal for daytime consumption, Sour Diesel imparts feelings of gleefulness and a burst of energy—making it a go-to option for those managing mood disorders or chronic stress. With a remarkable THC content, it guarantees to brighten up your day.

Though it may test patience in the garden due to its slow growth typical of Sativa plants, the Auto Sour Diesel, born from a cross with Ruderalis, emerges as a rapid auto-flowering variety. Harvesting in just under two months from germination, it maintains the legendary traits that made it iconic. Care for it diligently, and once harvested, dried, and cured, anticipate buds exuding distinct flavors and packing a resin-rich punch that elevates you to new heights.

Explore our selection of elite strains, including the Auto Sour Diesel—a swift, potent, and legendary cultivar that promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Secure your seeds now and cultivate a harvest that lives up to the Sour Diesel legacy.

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