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Wedding Cake Seeds – Feminized Photoperiod


Delight in the enchanting aroma and flavors of our Wedding Cake seeds, a potent strain that blends the relaxing qualities of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with the visual charm of Cherry Pie.

Rooted in the esteemed Durban Poison strain, both GSC and Cherry Pie contribute to Wedding Cake’s exceptional lineage.

The feminized seeds, now available through us, provide access to this legendary strain, offering a cerebral high followed by a potentially couch-locking body experience.

Cultivate Wedding Cake to elevate your cannabis journey with premium genetics, available exclusively through us.


Indulge in the exquisite allure of Wedding Cake, a strain renowned for its delightful fragrance and irresistible flavors. Despite its celebratory name, this heavy-hitting cultivar is not to be underestimated, delivering a profound and soothing body stone.

Wedding Cake inherits many of its exceptional qualities from the award-winning hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). With a sweet and earthy aroma, GSC brings full-bodied relaxation to the mix, along with the notorious ability to alleviate pain and spark the munchies. The other contributing strain, Cherry Pie, lends its visual charm with vibrant orange and purple hues, as well as resistance to molds. Interestingly, both GSC and Cherry Pie trace their roots back to the highly esteemed Durban Poison strain.

With a lineage that includes the legendary OG Kush, Wedding Cake proves its prowess with a soaring cerebral high followed by a potentially couch-locking body experience. Beyond its recreational appeal, this strain boasts remarkable properties encapsulated in the feminized seeds available through us—the go-to source for high-quality strains.

While Wedding Cake has been a staple for some time, its seeds have only recently become accessible. Cultivating this finicky plant requires a higher level of knowledge and experience to unlock its full potential. Elevate your cannabis cultivation journey with the premium genetics of Wedding Cake—available exclusively through us.

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